haley duhaime: they / them

I want to understand what it means to take what is invisible, bring it to the surface, and turn it into camouflage. I want to understand what this process earns, and what this process costs.

I am taking all that cowers within me: queerness, transness, sex work, aging, illness, fatigue- and inviting it to the stage.  I am using strategies of weaving, sewing, and jewelry to call these forces to relinquish their invisibility in order to opt into, contaminate, and over take public view.

The materials which serve these objectives are those which are garish, bright, overly decorative, metallic, opalescent, and most importantly second hand. The thrifted, and thus transitional and shared, origins of these materials allows them to articulate conversations about identity which are also transitional and collective.

I am exploring how histories of camp, decorative arts, and femininity can be used as modes for creating visibility. What happens when we take our hidden realities, rendered invisible through shame, and ask people see them? How long do they have to exist in plane view before people stop seeing them once again? This time, not because viewers deliberately look away from these forces, but because they take them for granted- now hidden in plain sight.